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She Matters 4 Canada opens difficult dialogue on issues facing Indigenous women today, such as discrimination, marginalization, and the often taboo subject of gender-based violence, that only increases with silence and denial. 

Around the world, as many as 1 in every 3 women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or abused in some other way – most often by someone she knows, including by her husband or another male family member. (Oxfam) 

Indigenous women often bear the brunt of the violence. In Bolivia, an estimated 70% of women have experienced violence. (Red Contra La Violencia)

In Canada, Aboriginal women are killed at six times the rate of non-aboriginal women. Many have simply gone missing.

What’s New? 

CBM has invited singer/songwriter and Indigenous leader Cheryl Bear from the Nadleh Whut’en community in Northern British Columbia to be our She Matters spokesperson for 2017-18. 

Cheryl is an award-winning performer and educator who shares stories of Indigenous life – the joy, sorrow, faith and journey. 

In June 2017, Cheryl embarks on an artist tour with CBM in Bolivia to hear more about the challenges facing Indigenous women in their own communities. 

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