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Take Action

Concerned about the suffering and injustice that Indigenous women face in Canada?
Become more involved in her story.

1. Sit With Her

You are invited to join Cheryl Bear and CBM for a special time of song and story, part of our She Matters 4 Canada Learning Tour to be held across Canada in 2017-18, to bring more understanding, for healing and reconciliation.

Check for an event near you!

Attend. Listen. Learn. Bring a friend. 
Look for other opportunities to meet and share. 
Find other dialogue, events or ministries that may be happening in your area with your Indigenous neighbours. Contact your regional convention/union for more information.  

2. Stand With Her

Join the #SheMatters4Canada Virtual Vigil. 

Did you know that there were 1,181 cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada (between 1980 and 2012, according to the RCMP)? 

Grassroots organizations and the Minister of the Status of Women believe the number is well over three times that, close to 4,000.  

In 2016, the Government of Canada launched a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, as part of its reconciliation efforts with Canada’s Indigenous people. An interim report is expected by November 2017.  

Stand with her, and all of our Indigenous neighbours who have lost loved ones. 


Learn more about the Inquiry
See your post on the #SheMatters4Canada wall

3. Speak Out

Get others involved in her story. Raise awareness and funds for She Matters4Canada. Become an advocate. 

Create a bulletin board or exhibit in your church lobby. Make an announcement. Hand out fliers. Give talks in Sunday School and other church or community gatherings.  

Hold a special event. Invite some of the Indigenous community to share their culture, art, music, food.  

Select the CBM promotional materials you wish to use, available by download or order, free-of-charge.


Order Materials

4. Stay Connected

Be Social 

Share your photos and news with us, and others, online. Use the hashtag #shematters4canada 

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